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Litigation and arbitration

Mata Lawyers focuses on pre-emptive advice, analysing in each case the appropriateness of opting for arbitration in agreements after evaluating what advantages there may be in the parties submitting to arbitration any possible disputes.

With regard to litigation, the firm combines expert legal knowledge, extensive experience and a strong commitment to defending the interests of its clients.

As well as representing clients in proceedings, the litigation practice of our office is extremely active in giving advice aimed at preventing legal disputes from arising in the first place and, if a case goes to court, ensuring that our clients' interests are best protected.

We represent and defend our clients' interests in all types of arbitration and court proceedings and have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution that can sometimes replace court actions or run parallel to them, to reduce the interests in dispute as well as the financial risks inherent therein.

In the area of insolvency law, we provide advice to the various parties that may be affected, including procedures for group re-structuring, debt refinancing, defence of creditors' rights, advice on directors' liability, investment in bankruptcy assets and liabilities and, in general, advice on insolvency proceedings.