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Contrary to other European Countries, the Spanish Property Law is different. MATA Abogados is a Spanish Law Firm providing the Legal services through Spanish Lawyers. We specialize in Property conveyancing, Legal Services in Real Estate Law as well as Spanish Legal Advice in Construction Law for overseas clients which are looking to buy, develop or sell in Spain. Our team of Lawyers in Spain will help you achieving your goal.

As an independent Law Firm, with a multilingual and multicultural approach, MATA Abogados will give you a personalized advice understanding the unique circumstances that surround your particular case.
Our team of Lawyers will preserve your interests on any transaction whether you are buying or selling. Our Lawyers will be present at the "closing"of the deal at the Notary Public, ensuring a transaction free of real estate disputes and completed in accordance with the Spanish Property Law.

Our Spanish Lawyers will give you a complete service, providing also financial and tax advice according to the Spanish legislation.

MATA Abogados are Spanish Lawyers based in Calahonda, near Marbella, on the Costa del Sol in the South of Spain.

The Spanish word "Abogados" means Lawyers, Attorneys or Solicitors. "Lawyers" is commonly used in Spain. In the United Kingdom, "Solicitors" is the preference, whilst in the United States, they use the word "Attorney".

Lawyers in Spain are called in Spanish "Bufete de Abogados", as a definition for a Firm of Lawyers and Solicitors in Spain.

Should you be looking for an experienced Lawyer in Spain, ask MATA Abogados for personalized Spanish Legal Service and financial advice. Our team of Spanish Lawyers will provide you with the adequate Spanish Legal Advice with the highest level of professionalism.