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Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are involved in buying a property in Spain?

The purchase taxes may vary significantly if you buy a new or a resale property in Andalucia.

On a new property a buyer will pay 10% IVA PLUS 1,50% Transfer Tax (AJDO) while when buying a resale depending on its purchase price the taxes maybe 8-9 or 10% of the purchase price.

Note that should the Fiscal value of the property be significantly higher than the purchase price the Spanish Tax Office may well consider this value for tax purposes rather than the purchase price. This will affect especially when buying resale properties.

Other costs involve are Notary fees which normally do no exceed a 1000 euros, again are depending on the value of the property; Land registry fees which are in the region of 500 euros; Gestoria fees, which are admin fees in the region of 295 euros.

Our Legal fees in general are 1% plus VAT of the purchase subject to a min of 2.000 euros plus VAT.

We also provide any service in relation to helping clients setting up bank accounts, direct debits, utilities, insurance, NIE number, residencias, tax returns, Power of Attorney, Wills etc.

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